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HVMN "biohacking" pills

SF-based HVMN produce pills for "biohacking."

Their product pages offer specific statistics on human performance, citing studies. This data-driven optimization rhetoric corroborates their stated notion of huamns as "the next platform".

The RISE pill listed above 44.10 USD for 60 capsules, containing 300mg of Bacopa Monnieri, alpha-GPC, and Rhodiola Rosea.

Always the researcher, I looked at the cost of replicating this blend:

  • 12.49 USD - 120 capsules of 300mg Bacopa (Vitacost)
  • 24.79 USD - 60 capsules of 300mg alpha-GPC (Vitacost)
  • 14.29 USD - 120 capsules of 700mg Rhodiola Rosea (Vitacost)

That would result in a cost of 38.18 USD per 60 doses (if one bought two bottles of a-GPC), a $6/month savings.

Or, if one is willing to cap one's own pills

Assuming a 5% loss in yield during capping, 4 jars of a-GPC and 1 jar of Rhodiola and Bacopa could yield 760 capsules at 9.08 USD for 60 pills. With a 35.02 USD per month savings over the resulting 12-month supply of pills, the 437.75 USD in savings would likely cover the initial cost of buying pill-capping equipment.

Regardless, the the model of humans as "platforms" waiting to be "optimized" plays into the usual political questions of where such optimization functions come from. A skim of HVMAN's site provides a ready answer: the workplace, particularly that of the global north's service economy, in which work is done at a screen.

If you're looking for a drug fit to an anti-capitalist (un-)optimization function, I suggest kava.